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Take care of your family's medical needs with a secure, confidential video or phone call, from the U.S or abroad, to get the medical treatment or prescriptions needed** from a live, Online doctor. 

Instead of spending $1,200+ for a non-emergency visit to the ER, simply consult with your doctor 24 hours a day to get the care you need for your entire family*

Online Doctor

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  • Medical Insurance costs too expensive and need an affordable way to speak with a doctor?
  • Worried about your family's privacy?
  • Want to avoid visiting a local hospital or clinic?
  • Get all day, everyday access with a doctor anywhere, anytime in just a call or a click.
  • A Journal of American Medical Assoction study shows that 80% of all doctors visists could be done over the phone.
  • Avoid a $1,200 ER visit by speaking directly with our doctors for all non-emergency medical care. Just $20/mo for your entire family*
Online Doctor

$19.99/mo doctor care for entire family*

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“24/7 Call-A-Doc was a lifesaver while we were overseas and needed to speak with an English-Speaking doctor to help my daughter!”


Dwight W. Holcomb


Online Doctor

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Get all day, every day access with a doctor anywhere, anytime.

Online Doctor

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Save your time and money. Now “seeing” a doctor is easy.

Online Doctor

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Online Doctor

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*Entire Family up to 5 total people

**Only non-narcotic prescriptions